No one likes dull wood.

Absolutely no one.

MI Wood Oil

The ORIGINAL cure all for wood.

Relieves instantaneously and cures dryness, ashyness, cracking, flaking, and flatness.

An elixir of coconut oils, mineral oil, beeswax, and vitamin e.

It quickly takes out the dryness and dullness from cutting boards, counter tops, table tops, charcuterie boards, and furniture.

Providing the finest in do-it-yourself woodworking since 2018.


  • Furniture Restoration

    Wood Oil is the most efficacious, and at the same time the most mild used, oil for restoring shine and appeal to furniture pieces.

    -Anita Saw

  • No More Dry Chapped Wood

    I have received much benefit from using your truly celebrated Wood Oil, in removing extreme dehydration of my wood cutting board, and restoring the natural beauty.

    -Larry Poplar

  • Easy to Use. Elegant Results

    Your Wood Oil has had the desired effect in relieving me from headache, pain the the back labor, and lassitudes.
    I find it proper that you are at liberty to use my name promoting your product.

    -Haywood Urubmabloc

All Natural Wood Oil