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MI Wood Oil

MI Cast Iron Oil

MI Cast Iron Oil

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The best external preparation for cooks and cast iron connoisseurs. It protects and boasts a flawless black matte patina. It banishes worn-out looks and gives strong non-stickness and slickness to cast iron surfaces. It repels water and protects surfaces.
MI Cast Iron Oil cures all
A 100% food-safe seasoning oil made from organic Flaxseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Coconut Oils
Black patina finish.
8oz a bottle.
A remarkable restorative that can be used on a variety of metal accoutrements found in the home, from cast iron cookware, griddle tops, and bbq racks. This proprietory blend is designed to evenly coat the surface for an even patina and superior seasoning, while leaving no sticky, gritty, or greasy residues.
The genuine article. The bonafide, one-of-a-kind, miracle working cast iron elixir that cannot be beaten.
Take worn out and rusted cast iron and make it radiant and useful again. Use it on all of your cast iron cookware!
  • Cast iron cookwares
  • Griddle tops
  • Skillets
  • BBQ grill racks

MI CAST IRON Oil is 100% food-safe for surfaces, and contains no synthetic or harsh chemicals. It is considered safe to use in conjunction with cast iron and grill surfaces, without repercussion.

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